Discover the Hidden Gem of Kenya: Shimba Hills National Reserve

Nestled along the Kenyan coastline, Shimba Hills National Reserve is a pristine haven waiting to be explored. This hidden gem offers a unique safari experience, combining lush landscapes, diverse wildlife, and a touch of coastal magic. If you’re seeking a getaway off the beaten path, Shimba Hills promises an adventure like no other.

As one of the largest coastal forests in East Africa after Arabuko-Sokoke Forest,

this reserve is rich in flora and fauna and hosts the highest density of African elephant in Kenya. Other animal species found in the area are Sable antelope, elephant shrew, bushy tailed mongoose and other small mammals like fruit bats. The forest is an important bird area and is endowed with forest birdlife while the grasslands hold localized species such as red-necked-Spur fowl, Croaking Cisticola and Zanzibar Red Bishop. The scenic Sheldrick Falls and the dense Mwaluganje Forest are also found here along with four campsites.


The climate is moist with sea breezes and early morning mist. Temperatures average 24oC/75oF.
The reserve is 30 km (18.5 miles) southwest of Mombasa on the coast. This coastal proximity makes it a perfect 1-day getaway from the beach resorts.
The best wildlife viewing is during the dry season (June – October). There are usually some rains along the coast year-round, but the stronger rains in April, May and November can limit game drives and hikes.
This is one of the easiest parks to visit and very close to the coast. There are lots of trails and gentle hills for kids to traverse. The climate is mild and comfortable for hiking making it a popular park for families. The trails offer sightings of plenty of wildlife including giraffe, buffalo and the elephants.
An easy walk brings you to this 21 m (60 ft) spectacular falls. Draped in vines and greenery, the falls are a relaxing respite in this carefree park. Have a picnic, swim in the natural pool or just laze about on this easiest of safaris
A highpoint both literally and figuratively – this is the best viewing site in the reserve. From this summit look for Shimba’s many elephants and picturesque vistas over the valley and out toward the ocean. Rangers will escort you to the top.
This is the only place in Kenya where you can view these beautiful creatures. The females gather in small groups and are easier to observe than the males.
A busy watering hole. Look for the larger animals including elephants. This is also a great spot for bird watching