Timken Tours Kenya

Park Overview

The Mount Kenya National Park protects the unique ecosystem that is found on the slopes of Africa’s second highest mountain. Many adventurous travellers come every year to hike up its challenging peaks.Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa. Due to its unique ecosystems which change the higher you go up the mountain, Mount Kenya has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve. Many climbers, hikers, trekkers and adventure enthusiasts challenge themselves by ascending the mountain each year.

Location: Mt. Kenya lies 175 km (108 mi) north of Nairobi and its northern section borders the equator.

Climate: Because Mt. Kenya is more or less a vertical park, the climate changes as you ascend the mountain. Expect big temperature changes between the day and night, with lows at 4oC/39oF. Owing to its elevation, the mountain tends to be wet.

Best time to visit: The best climbing is during the two dry seasons – January/February and August/September. During the two rainy seasons, the trails are more difficult, and the visibility is poor.

Getting there:
You can book a tour with Timken Tours from Nairobi. The park is reached on the Nanyuki-Isiolo road. There is an asphalt road that circles the base of the mountain, linking the area towns of Naro Moru, Nanyuki, Meru and Embu.

By air: The closest airstrips to Mt. Kenya are at Nanyuki or the Laikipia Airport.

Things to do and see

Climbing/Trekking – Challenge yourself to this invigorating climb while enjoying some of the most beautiful (and changing) scenery as you hike past Mt. Kenya’s stunning lakes, tarns, glaciers and peaks.

Highland Castle – On the Burguret Route heading up the mountain, at 3700m (12,139 ft.) you can scramble up this castle-like formation and take in beautiful views of the Batian and Nelion peaks.

Camping & Caving – Shipton’s Camp is located just beneath the summit and is set amongst the snow-capped peaks. There is an alpine hut here where climbers can rent bunks and rest the night before summiting the mountain. Nearby are Shipton’s Caves, an adventurous spot for exploring.


Mount Kenya Park Highlights